Out on a Limb Dance Company and School
Performance and Studio Photos

We have two wonderful photographers who regularly take photos at our shows:

All photos are available for personal use for free. 

To see photos taken by Jenny Schlukebier: Click here
Password: ooal (all lowercase)

To see photos taken by Karen Johnson:  Click here
Password: OOAL (all caps) 

A note from Karen Johnson:

I am grateful for the privilege of capturing the beauty and joy of every OOAL dancer. Every show I photograph includes several photos of every dancer in every piece. These photos are my gift to the OOAL community and you are welcome to download them for your personal use for free.

My website includes my photos from all of the OOAL shows from 2008 - 2017. Again, there are photos of every dancer in every piece (with very rare exception) for each of these shows and these are also available to download at no cost. 

Please feel free to contact by me with questions or suggestions!

Thank you,
Karen Johnson
Contact Karen via email