Another fabulous season has come and gone. Here are some of our favorite moments from the last dance year:

Lights Out! 

Tina Wallum, Out on a Limb Teacher

I’ll never forget the day the electricity went out in the studio. I didn’t know if I should let the students dance in the dark or not, but we did. The level 4’s were quite energized by the experience, so I let them improvise. It was just as if they were in there own little world, and it was then that I saw what was inside each and every one of them. There was so much beauty in them. I loved this experience.

Come on, Girls!

Allison Hall, Out on a Limb Teacher and Company Member

Just before the Student Showcase, our Creative Movement class (ages 3-4) was practicing walking on/off stage in the dark (prepping them for the stage). The week before, I lined up the kids at the side of the room and asked them if they remembered what to do. Edie who is the line leader, turned around to her classmates and said, "Come on, girls! You know the drill!"

This photo of my Thursday night Creative Movement class captured a precious moment. I turned toward the stereo to get the music going, and when I turned around a couple seconds later, the students were hugging in the middle of the room. These girls have such a bond! It makes me happy. #LimbLove


Amber Keeley, Out on a Limb School Director

Have you have seen this edgy music video for Sia’s Chandelier danced by Maddie Ziegler from the television show "Dance Mom’s"? Here's a link to it: Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)

When it came out, we were all intrigued by the song and the video. I decided to create choreography to the song to challenge and inspire the older girls. We turned on the lamplight in the studio, and we were working intently on the choreography when I was called away by Kimberly Palmer to see after an urgent issue in the costume shop. When I finished there, Master Jake Erling grabbed me to ask a couple of not-at-all-urgent things. Finally, I rushed back to the studio to join the students. When I opened the door, I screamed! They were dancing in the dimly-lit room, full-force to Chandelier… and they were all dressed in the nude same leotards Maddie Ziegler wore in the video!! 

Thanks to the kids, Kimberly, and Jake, I had a sore throat for hours and a wonderful memory for a lifetime!


Poppy Cave, Out on a Limb Performing Arts Ensemble Dancer

We performed Cinderella for some beautiful souls (old and young) at Thomas A. Feeney Manor in Minneapolis. After the performance, we gave an impromptu hip hop class taught by Company Apprentice Gabe Blackburn and me. The smiles, laughter, joy, and fearlessness of the kids while they were learning to dance to the song Boom! Shake the Room was priceless! Star-struck little ones then got hugs from the cast and fist bumps from me. One of the pre-schoolers even wanted to tie my shoe. Seniors cheered and begged for more of the performance, and we all left on cloud nine. 


Carina Anderson, Out on a Limb Performing Arts Ensemble Dancer

In retrospect, Soirée and the Showcases were amazing because even though up until the last minute it seemed like we wouldn't be able to make them happen, we always somehow do. At the time, though, I was too busy to think that at the time!

Little Ones! 

Allison Hall, Out on a Limb Teacher and Company Member

Beginning Dance (ages 5-6, Saturday mornings)

Nevaeh: Miss Allison, are you married?

Allison: No, I'm not married.

Nevaeh: Then why do you have a car?

Allison: Because I need to get to the dance studio to teach you!

Nevaeh: Oh.

I'm in!

Amber Keeley, Out on a Limb School Director

Long-time family friends, the Ericksons, came to see Out on a Limb's performance of "Nutcracker" at Rosedale Mall last winter. When the level 5/6 girls saw me chatting with the Ericksons, their usually cool and mature statures suddenly turned to jittery, giggling wobbles, asking me: 

“Who is that?" 

"It’s Logan!" 

"Will you ask him when he’ll come dance with us?” 

I passed on the message and let him know that the girls were, at that moment, dancing just for him. He took one look at the sea of ballerinas and said to me, “I’m in!”

The Door

Isa Ajpop, Out on a Limb Performing Arts Ensemble Dancer

At Out On A Limb we have a fun tradition of playing little jokes on our teachers. In one of our acting-like classes we did an exercise where one of the commands was to sit in front of the door and stare at it as if expecting someone to walk in. We always joked about how funny it would be if someone actually DID walk in during the exercise. Someone suggested doing it in class. So in class one day we were all at barre, and Amber left the studio for a bit. Once she was out if sight, we scrambled to sit in a clump around the door and watched and waited. When Amber walked in she screamed! Little pranks and jokes like this one are what really give Out On A Limb the feeling of being one big, happy family! 


By Andrea Kierans, Out on a Limb Teacher

For me, the highlight of the 2014-2015 season was watching all my students' hard work pay off at their showcase! I was so proud of them, and they were proud of themselves! 



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