Our Partners and Supporters

Out on a Limb is very grateful for our wonderful friends and partners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Please join us in supporting them. Let's sustain the thriving arts community that we live in!

Our Event Venue

Tula Yoga and Wellness Center has been instrumental in the success of our special events and student performances. From our annual Soiree fundraiser, to press preview events, to student shows, owners Ann and Dan Blackburn have been incredibly supportive and generous, opening up their space to us and accommodating our needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our Performance Venues

We have been fortunate enough to perform in great venues around the Twin Cities, including The O'Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, where we hold our annual winter production performances. In addition, we have performed at Hopkins Center for the Arts, the St. Paul Student Center at the U of M, The Wellstone Center and most recently The Lab Theater.

On-Going Partners

We're so thankful to partner with these wonderful individuals and organizations throughout the year!

African American Registry
The Art (our amazing neighbors!)
Commers Printing
Joy Liberman
DJ TJ Martinez (for our DJ music)

THANK YOU to all donors who keep our outreach program alive!

Ad Art
Deborah Allan
Kristina Anderson
Jamie and David Aussendorf
Kim Austrian and Howard Simon
Steve and Wendy Baldinger
Bernard and Victoria Bensussan
Jeremy Bensussan
Benjamin Bolter
Bud and Jane Bolter
Neal and Sue Bolter
Norman Bolter
Breathing room
Cafe Latte
Jeanne Causin
Amy Causton
Poppy Cave
Stuart Chazin
Che, LLC
Ellen Chazdon
David and Joan Ciminski
Judith Neren Dean
Kara and Joshua Decker
Sandy Donaldson
Elaine Dufresne
Dave Dworkin
Alyssa and Caitlyn Enright
A. Erling
Noelle Erling
Nancy Evertz
Joy Fehring
Judith Feldman
Ruthena Fink
Jack Fischer
Frederick and Rosen, LTD
John and Annie Gibson
Tom and Valerie Gilbert
Mary Ann Gilbertson


Grand Jete
James and Judy Guerrero
Gretchen Gustafsson
Julie Haskovitz
Terri Heyer
Laura Hirsch
Arnold Hymanson
Marilyn Israel
Agnes Johnson
Gabbi Johnson
Thomas and Karen Johnson
Ann DePaolis Jones
Abbie Kane
Neal Karlen
Bridget and Janet Keel
Keeley Farm Drainage, Inc.
Lindsey and Katherine Kryg
Scott and Kristen Kline
Michael Martinez
Michael Krug
Greg La Valle
Marv Lahti
James Lang
Craig Leffler
Joy Liberman and Marco Pavoloni
Kim Martinez
Michael Martinez
Norman and Marcey Mastbaum
Meidaet Advertising
MedSearch Corp.
Casey Merkwan
Wayne and Linda Mueller
Mike Nilles
Beth Novak
Esther Nowlin
Steve, Kris and Julia Petrini
Poppy Togs and Clogs
Razoo Foundation


Dave and Maria Reamer
Louisa Richardson-Deppe
Jill Ross
Barbara Wedekind Selton
James Schaps
Bryan Sharbono
Allan and Beth Shaw
Shea's Salon
Alice Shea
Randy Sheehan
Karen Shrake
Diana Smith
Kay Smith
Linda Smith
Sue Snyder
Margie and Larry Solomon
Diane Spencer
Wendy and Joe Starr
St. Paul Plumbing and Heating
Wayne and Maureen Sultan
Ross Talmage
Raymond Terrill
Bob Tess
Lee and Les Thiel
Think Mutual Bank
Michelle Veillett
Carol Viera
Visionary/Easy Reader
Kate Wackett
Amy Wagner
Lisa Wagner
Mike and Roxanne Walt
Paul Weber
Jodi Wishart
Joe and Sandy Wolkowicz
Joni Zalasky
Dan and Irene Zimmerman