The Shirley Anna Neren Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund was started in 2006 by Shirley's daughter, Marcey Bolter Mastbaum (an Out on a Limb founder and board member), as a tribute to her mother.

Shirley's (much-too-short) life was characterized by a passion for living and giving, a spirit of generosity, love of her family and children, and a lifelong tradition of appreciating and supporting the performing arts (especially dance!). One of her greatest joys in life was watching her grandchildren, David, Jeremy, and Sarah, dance and entertain. She attended every performance ever given by Out on a Limb Dance Company and School. Her enthusiasm was contagious; her delighted laughter, heart-felt praise for the dancers, and shouts of "Marvelous!" will continue to resound. And she meant it. She loved it all.

Shirley didn't always have an easy life, and she knew how difficult it could be to achieve one's dreams. She knew the value of hard work, and she recognized the importance of encouragement and support. Especially financial support. It was her wish to keep dance alive and encouragement flowing, so that dance truly could be within everyone's reach. In this spirit of giving, we have created this scholarship fund, to help those young people who are inspired, talented and passionate about dance, but for whom dance school might be too much of a stretch.

We invite you to help keep dance within everyone's reach by making a tax-deductible donation to The Shirley Anna Neren Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please make checks out to Out on a Limb Dance Theater Company and School. 

Checks can be sent to: 
Out on a Limb Dance Theater Company and School
1535 W. Larpenteur Ave.
Falcon Heights, MN 55113


Scholarship Application Process

Click here to view and download the application. For any questions regarding scholarships, please contact Kim Martinez.